LA Superior Family Court - Judge Review from Laguna Niguel, California

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Please remove Judge Whittaker! He's an incompetent buffoon!

There should not be on the job training for superior court judges! These people should know the law upside down, backwards and forward!

Judge Whittaker, sadly does not :( He is putting the children of LA at risk. We the people need to revolt

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Is Whitaker still a judge? (Lord I hope not) I know he's no longer downtown.

I wonder if they moved him or hopefully fired his a$$!!! That guy has no business being a judge! He's pretty smug and arrogant for a guy that is completely clueless when it comes to his job!

I hope he's gone!!! Lord help the people of LA if he's still a judge!

to ***cerned Burbank, California, United States #1313312

Judge Whitaker is one of the best judges I've ever come across. Very fair, goes by the law, very competent.

He has been replaced by Judge Amy Perlman who now judges in Dept. 43 in Downtown L.A. She's a horrible judge.

Whitaker will be greatly missed. That's for sure.

to D. Cooper #1349885

Are you sure you're speaking of the same judge Whitaker? Judge Michael Whitaker is completely clueless!

Incompetent! He should definitely not be sitting the bench in family court!

I'm more familiar with the law then he is! Pelman is far more knowledgeable than Whitaker.

to ***cerned #1389727

hes a dependency judge at edelmans children court

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LA Superior Family Court - Loius Meisinger cruelty to children

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On 08/18/2009 there was crime committed in the Superior Court of Califorina, Los Angeles. Children were brutally abused in hands of Superior Court Judge Louis M Meisinger, corrupted, unprofessional, and brutal judge caused irreparable damage to children. Brother and sisters who love each other were devastated, shocked, and ruined. They are just 10, 7 and almost 3. One of the children given to batterer was supposed to testify two days later in criminal court against batterer she was given to. Hon. Meisinger decided that to give witness to the criminal serves witness's best interests. He separated siblings and gave two out of three close knit children to convicted batterer despite clear intent of legislature to keep siblings together. Also, despite the clear law that prefers not to give children to convicted batterer, who abused her children for a long time, Hon. (or dishonorable) Meisinger threw away testimonies of professionals and accepted self serving testimonies of batterer's attorney. Hon. Meisinger is connected to the office of batterer's attorney, but he refused to recluse himself. Hon. Meisinger was caught with not clean hands while he was a lawyer. Hon. Meisinger allowed batterer's attorney to bring witnesses without notice, to testify in lieu of testimony of her client. Hon. Meisinger awarded batterer money that he took from victims and thus forced victims to pay for batterer's defense and for batterer's efforts to ruin her own children. On Hon. Meisinger and supporters of his opinion, children love and attached to father too much and to balance this he slender and accuse father of everything without evidentiary basis. Hon. Meisinger chose to ignore professionals and to believe lay persons hand picked by convicted criminal's attorney. He prefers to give criminal a chance to tamper with 7 years old mind to cover criminal's deeds. Thus he completely ignored decision of criminal court and protection order. The victim covered by the protection order was ordered to live with criminal she was protected from.

Hon. Meisinger refused to talk with the children during all the time of the hearing. He expressed his upset after learning that criminal court issued the protective order against mother, and he ignored it stating that he thinks that mother probably has not committed the crime she was convicted for. Mr. Meisinger insulted older child and father in court using his knowledge of the internal court procedure. He asked children to be brought to court to talk to them, but refused and gave them to batterer without even considering children's basic needs. He did not even order to bring the children clothing. He cares for his revenge for motion to disqualify the judge, for his ego, for his lousy contempt motion that he was happy to remove.

Hon. Meisinger did not think that he revenged enough. He ordered supervised visitation with father who has never committed any crime just for three hours a week (batterer had 6 hours!). But even this was not enough for Hon. Meisinger. He ordered monitored visitation even between 10 years old child and 7 and 3 years old children! And even that was not enough for him in his orgy lawlessness. He ordered the supervised visitation to be in the same time with father's visitation. Thinking this is not enough, he virtually prohibited all extended family of two minor children to have any contacts with them (including uncle, grandmother, grandfather, etc. He, also, prohibited contacts between older sibling and two younger. Thinking that he did not damage family enough, he, also, did not let father to say good bye to less than three years old son and 7 years old daughter. After daughters refused to be parted, sheriffs ordered father (!) to intervene telling that otherwise they arrest father right in front of the children.

Hon. Meisinger made his opinion even before evidentiary hearing. In order to ensure that no proper defense would be mounted he made all the effort to deprive father of children from the legal defense and cover it by saying that it is "equal access to court". Nevertheless, Hon. Meisinger gave to father only 30 minutes to prepare defense on 65 pages report and then announced decision that he made way before the "hearing". Hon. Meisinger was telling that he going to give children to batterer for several times before 08/18/2009. I have records and transcripts proving the conduct of Hon. Meisinger. I am still surprised of hatred he demonstrated to children and their father. I have several versions, but it is still strange for a judge to violate the law because of personal preferences.

So, miscarriage of justice is done. Is any American brave enough to speak up and reverse it, or we need tragedy to happen first? Children must be saved now!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: La Superior Family Court Judge.

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